Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Delaware XIX

I have traveled to Delaware on a couple of occasions to find and photograph this memorial. One time, I just could not run down exactly where it was, the next time having resolved that issue, I found that the common area was closed to all due to some kind of construction. This time, more determined than ever, I followed my GPS instructions to the letter only to find, once again, the way blocked by tarp covered fencing.

After driving around trying to find access to the area I was about to throw in the towel once again. But, I pulled back into the closed area and noticed a door open to the maintenance facility. I wondered in and this really nice guy explained where it was and even took me through some buildings to show me how to get to it. He said he would not chance just leaving my car where it was as it might be ticketed or towed.

I drove around some more with a better feeling for what I was looking for and found some metered parking. I left the car and headed out and before too very long I had found the Memorial Hall. I knew I was in the right area and wandered around to the north side of the building and, finally located the stone and metal marker.

It is quite small but is unique in its wording as you will see.

I have never seen the use of the words "Asian conflicts" on any other memorial. I am not quite sure that the Persian Gulf qualifies as an Asian conflict, but...

I traveled on in Delaware to find other sites but was just plain out of luck. The last on was on Dover AFB but was closed by the time I arrived, so another time I'll venture back.

Next time, on the 17th, we will return to Idaho, so join me there at 9:00am.
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