Sunday, October 27, 2013

Louisiana VII

While driving around, before crossing the Mississippi into New Orleans, we came upon this memorial at an intersection in Meterie. I had been here before, many years ago, when friends lived here. but had spent no time here since.

I can find no mention of this memorial anywhere. It is a multi-war memorial that has a Vietnam component and is located at the intersection of Meterie and Bonnebel.

You can see that it lists no names,only the span of the war, in their approximation. As I have said many time before, some count the war years as beginning with the Gulf of Tonkin incident and resolution. This makes little sense, to me, but I have seen it over and over on this journey.

Next time, on the 1st of November, we will return to Maine, to see the "other" Maine Vietnam memorial. Join me, as always, at 9:00am.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kansas VII

In Lawrence, home of the previously posted University of Kansas memorial, I found this small field Cross at a local Army reserve Center. Located at 2100 Iowa Ave, at the S. J. Churchill Army Reserve Center, I thought I was not going to be able to tell much of a story.

Then I was doing some reading and found that a local man's name had been left off of the state memorial in Junction city. The man had been born and raised in Lawrence, but his family moved about the time he entered high school. So, his new home became his place of entry in to the service and, therefore, his name was listed on the memorial in his new home, Utah. His family never felt completely at ease with this and pursued having his name included upon the Kansas memorial. They always considered Lawrence "Home." After quite some time and effort, his name was added to the Kansas state memorial. This caused me to wonder if his name had been included on this local Lawrence memorial?

The original written info I had stated that the Lawrence memorial named 14 lost, so I thought it was completely reasonable to think he might not have been remembered, here. I knew there were more and hoped that this site had been updated.

As you can see, all 18 from the area are forever honored at this site and Laurence Binyon's now famous quote is seen here, too.


Just today, I learned that Ken Burns is producing a 17 hour documentary on Vietnam. Due out in 2017, it should be interesting to see if, or how, it differs from the iconic PBS version of Stanley Karnow's Vietnam.

Next time, join me in Louisiana for a small town memorial. Check it out on the 27th at 9:00am.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Indiana V

At the Vigo County Court House in Terre Haute a new Veterans Plaza honors all. But, just around the corner, on 3rd, is a memorial to those who served and the 27 who were lost in Vietnam. To some local vets this just did not seem right, so they started a campaign to raise the necessary funds to have it moved, With nearly all the money raised the order has been given to begin the process. The Vietnam memorial will become part of the Vigo County Veterans Memorial Plaza.


 The memorial consists of a soldier, a dedication and a plaque listing the 27 from the area that were lost.

The plaque lists the year of loss, rank, name, and branch of service for each of the local heroes.

The dedication reads as follows:


The memorial was rededicated at the new site on October 8, 2012.

Join me, next time, in Lawrence, Kansas to see a small memorial at an Army Reserve Center. Check in, as always, at 9:00am on the 22nd of October.

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Illinois XI

Just about 150 miles south of Chicago lies Tilton, Illinois. Seemingly a small town by any measure I was, once again, impressed by what small towns choose to do for their own. In a cluster of three along the main street stand memorials to WWI, Korea, and Vietnam. These are in addition to a larger WWII memorial elsewhere in the town.

This memorial, like some others, is dedicated to all who served from Tilton. I always like to see this but realize that it is not always possible, especially in area where thousands and thousands served, to inscribe every name upon a wall. I still like it.


One young man from Tilton, Perry Dickens was Killed in Action. His name is highlighted with a star upon the memorial!

Next time, join me in Terra Haute, Indiana at 9:00am on the 17th of October.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Idaho III

I had read something about Vietnam memorials at Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho, so I started planning to visit. For reasons I don't quite know, I decided to call them to see about this. I was told in a friendly, yet firm, way that this was not going to happen! I was not going to be allowed on the base. I continued talking with the guy on the phone and explained this project further and after a while he said he would check with his superiors and get back to me. I didn't hold out much hope.

A couple of days later he called back and was happy to inform me that permission had been granted and that I was to call him from the front gate when I arrived. We determined a date and an approximate time so that he could be sure to be there.

On the appointed day, I did as I was instructed and a very cordial 2nd Lt. met me. (Boy, did I feel old!)

Many of the memorials here highlight specific planes and tell their story in 'Nam.

This site commemorates Medal Of Honor Awardees from various wars. Vietnam is well represented.

This young man could not have been more accommodating or helpful. He drove me to the site and explained what he knew. Vietnam had ended 25 years before he was born, but he helped all that he could. He later gave me a brief tour of the base and I have wondered since what I didn't get to see and I never did find out what nearly barred me in the beginning. I have been to lots of bases and some are wide open and others I had no shot of getting on. In Florida, I was warned to not even look as if I was going to take a picture (from outside the gate) if I wanted to keep my camera. So, I am very grateful to the Lieutenant for going the extra mile and getting me permission to get these shots.

Next time, come with me to Illinois to see a small town memorial site. As always at 9:00am on October 12th.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Delaware V

Delaware, as I have previously written has no "official" state memorial and I have posted the three from each of her counties, earlier. I was pleased to find this smaller, yet, equally poignant memorial in a place often thought of as only for fun!

Rehoboth Beach Delaware is a sea shore town visited by millions every year. All the usual attractions are easily found here; sun, sand, nightlife and all the other fun filled possibilities.

Amidst the obvious fun of a beach town, one can pause to remember those who have served or were lost

One one of my several visits over the years I was a little surprised to find a very elegant veteran's memorial prominently located on Rehoboth Ave, near the boardwalk. It was a stark reminder that while this is a resort town, it is also a town. Where people live and work and serve their country every day!

This memorial is dedicated to all who have served and each of the three markers honors different veterans.

Vietnam and Korean Veterans, both alive and lost, are honored on the marker on the right.

There is an additional marker commemorating POW/MIAs.

Placed by several groups that include the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Kiwanis, and former members of Coastal Patrol Base 2.

An interesting side note is that Control Base 2 was established in 1942 to help spot submarines near the U.S. coast and warn ships in the area. It was one of three authorized to perform this duty along the eastern seaboard. These pilots, by the way, were all civilians who by their service freed up military pilots for duty elsewhere.

Next time, we will return to Idaho where the very first post on this site was from. It seems so long ago now. Join me at 9:00am on the 7th of October.

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