Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Delaware V

Delaware, as I have previously written has no "official" state memorial and I have posted the three from each of her counties, earlier. I was pleased to find this smaller, yet, equally poignant memorial in a place often thought of as only for fun!

Rehoboth Beach Delaware is a sea shore town visited by millions every year. All the usual attractions are easily found here; sun, sand, nightlife and all the other fun filled possibilities.

Amidst the obvious fun of a beach town, one can pause to remember those who have served or were lost

One one of my several visits over the years I was a little surprised to find a very elegant veteran's memorial prominently located on Rehoboth Ave, near the boardwalk. It was a stark reminder that while this is a resort town, it is also a town. Where people live and work and serve their country every day!

This memorial is dedicated to all who have served and each of the three markers honors different veterans.

Vietnam and Korean Veterans, both alive and lost, are honored on the marker on the right.

There is an additional marker commemorating POW/MIAs.

Placed by several groups that include the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Kiwanis, and former members of Coastal Patrol Base 2.

An interesting side note is that Control Base 2 was established in 1942 to help spot submarines near the U.S. coast and warn ships in the area. It was one of three authorized to perform this duty along the eastern seaboard. These pilots, by the way, were all civilians who by their service freed up military pilots for duty elsewhere.

Next time, we will return to Idaho where the very first post on this site was from. It seems so long ago now. Join me at 9:00am on the 7th of October.

To see other memorials from Delaware, or any other state, click on the name of the state on the left side of this page.

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