Friday, September 27, 2013

Connecticut IV

The students at Nathan Hale Middle School in Coventry, CT. do not only honor Vietnam veterans, but all vets.

Throughout the building one is ever reminded of the service of our vets and the debt and honor we owe them.
The school auditorium

A veteran's quilt made by the students

Detail. Vietnam is heavily represented but by no means alone on the quilt
As I wandered the halls with Jean, I couldn't quite help but be reminded that we do not, yet, teach too much about Vietnam. I get that: it takes time and reflection to sort out truth from fiction, fact from hyperbole and to determine outcomes, but here is a school that has exceeded anyone's expectations for what can be done. They are not trying to teach, or revise, history so much as instill within their students an understanding of service, sacrifice,and honor. Good job, Nathan Hale!

Next time, October 2nd, we will visit Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Join me at the beach at 9:00am!

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