Thursday, September 12, 2013

Colorado XII

As one approaches this site in Longmont, all that is visible are the two flags, alone on a pole. As you enter the are and begin to follow the path you discover a unique memorial. It is not the flags or the markers but the whole Park. It is called the Jim Hamm Nature Area and is dedicated to Jim Hamm and all the others from the area, seven in total.


The land was donated by the Hamm family in memory of their son who went missing in march of 1968. This strikes a chord in me as I was in country at this time.


The plaque has become difficult to read but it welcomes all to enjoy the nature area and dedicated it to all from the St. Vrain Valley who served in Vietnam.

Originally the park was smaller but as been consistently improved and upgraded and as recently as 2011 an additional name, initially omitted, was added through the efforts of some local vets and a private donation. Now all were lost are given their due!

This new plaque includes the name of the recently added soldier: Larry George Trevarton

The lake is 17 acres and is periodically drained to improve its ability to thrive and maintain sufficient depth for the enjoyment of the people of Longmont. It was completely drained as recently as November of 2012. I read a report that it was open for business by June of 2013. An interesting aside is that the mud removed by the dredging is being used to add a berm in the park on which trees will be planted.

Jim Hamm was a lover of nature and explored this area extensively as a child. I cannot help but think that he would be overjoyed to see this area preserved, improved, and dedicated to his lost brothers from the St. Vrain Valley.

The Jim Hamm Nature Area is located at 1701 E. County Line Rd, near the intersection with E. 17th Avenue.

Next time, join me in Springfield, Mass. See you at 9:00am on the 17th of September.

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