Monday, September 2, 2013

Arizona IV

 On one of many trips to Arizona, I was able to visit this memorial in Gilbert. It honors many from various wars but Vietnam is well represented. In addition to this memorial there is also a 9-11 memorial consisting of walls with names and an 8ft. piece of the World Trade Center.

Names are listed in two places here. There is a group on the central monument and also a group on the nearby, freestanding "Wall" No one at the museum could explain this to me and I have recently been in touch with the VFW that placed it. I am awaiting additional information from them and I will update here if I learn anything new.

 Individual tributes are placed at eh base and around the plaza area.

This memorial is located on the corner of S. Gilbert Rd and W. Elliot Rd on the grounds of the Gilbert Historical Museum.

Next time, on the 7th, join me in Bakersfield, California to honor a really nice memorial. As always, at 9:00am!

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