Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 2013

I was riding along in the car the other day with my sister. We commented on what a beautiful September day it was. Temp in the 70's, crystal clear, blue sky, just fantastic. Then we both remembered! This is exactly the same as September 11, 2001. Those of us of a certain age will  always remember where we were on the day President Kennedy was assassinated, or the day man landed on the moon, these days are forever seared into our consciousness. And, September 11 will always be there, too. I wonder if September will ever be "normal" again?

As I have traveled the country to visit Vietnam memorials, I have collected 9-11 memorials, too. In several of the last few years I have posted them here and I plan to make this an annual remembrance. To see other posts, just type September 11 into the search box at the top left.

This year's is from Gilbert, Arizona, just a little south of Phoenix.


An eight foot section of the Trade Center structure is the centerpiece of this memorial.

Names are listed upon the surrounding "Walls", listed by flight number, the Pentagon, or the World Trade Center

On this particular day, several small flags had been left by visitors.

Regular posts will resume on the 12th, as promised. Check in at 9:00am to visit Longmont, Colorado.


  1. Worth remembering, hard to forget.


    p.s. You and your sister are quite the chatty cathys... xoxo again.

  2. Wish I could blow the picture of the wall up big enough to see Bill Ruth's name.