Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Montana V

I was driving across Montana and saw a sign for Helena, the Capitol, and decided to head in that direction. It was quite a distance,as are most things in the state, but who knows when you might be back in Montana?

I found this memorial in the aptly named Memorial Park. It is called the Lewis and Clark Veterans Memorial and sits among the ball fields, an amphitheater, and other amenities. really a nice spot.

The memorial honors a number of conflicts among them, Vietnam.

Thirteen of our brothers are honored here.

On the way to Helena, while driving through the mountains, I was passed by this guy. I hurried ahead and pulled over to take the pic. I had hoped I might find him again along the way, but never saw him again, in the time it took me to put away the camera, get back in the car and on the road, he just disappeared. I wonder what his story is?

So, next time, we will return to Nebraska, so meet me there, as usual, at 9:00am.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Misssissippi V

Quite some time back, I posted about a memorial in Tunica, Mississippi and my great visit with the West's, the sculptors.

Now that I have begun this new sub-project, Faces of Remembrance, I will return there to bring you these noble men, noble faces.

These three, in an often seen theme, speak to the brother helping brother stories that develop in every war. Now, in our times of seeming great division, one wonders why it takes war to get us to put aside our differences, biases and prejudices?

I present our fellow warriors.

I noticed while working on these pics that I had not yet started my habit of taking "portraits" of individual soldiers at these sites, so I had to crop these out of the Tunica memorial pictures.

Next time, on the 26th, we'll revisit Montana, so join me there at 9:00am.

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Massachusetts XI

Dedham, Massachusetts is a suburb of Boston and sits, nearly, on the WSW border of the city.

This memorial is found in the Brookdale Cemetery.

Honored all the men and women who served and the six from the area that were lost, including a Medal of Honor recipient.

Below the names are a pair of hands, bound by barbed wire to, remember the POW's.

The center feature  includes a map of 'Nam and various representative components of the war.

On the back of the memorial is a full sized figure of soldier, on either side of him are wreaths.

The memorial may be found along Brookdale Avenue.

Next time, on the 21st, we will take a trip back to Mississippi to see more Faces of Remembrance, so as always, join me there at 9:00am.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

September 11, 2017

Many of you know that om particular days I write about things other than Vietnam memorials. Again, this year I want to feature another 9-11 memorial. As I travel the country to visit memorials to our brothers and sisters from 'Nam, I frequently see 9-11 memorials and always photograph them, too.

Today, I will show you the memorial I saw in Omaha, Nebraska

It is called "On the Wings of Angels" and was built by Woodsmen of the World, an insurance group, the people of Omaha and the 300 who had casts made of their hands for the "globe"

While I can find very little information about the site, it seems clear to me that the "silver" portion of the site are the Wings and the hands represent those that were lost.

Omaha has had a memorial service in a local park for those lost. It was started by the sister of a man killed in the towers. She places flags for each of those lost. This is a marvelous remembrance, I think, but it is not permanent as this one is.

In my research for this site a ran across some dissension. Some think we need not be reminded of these events. I think this is somewhat short sighted as in the not too distant future, those who actually remember will be gone, so these memorials, like all memorials, will remind our children and grandchildren of our past, our history.

300 citizens volunteered to have their hands cast to create this.

Dedication plaque
So, today, we honor those lost on that fateful day in NYC, Shanksville and D.C. I wonder will the world ever be the same.

Next time, in the 16th, we will return to Massachusetts, so join me there at 9:00am.

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Maryland XVI

We have been in Gaithersburg, Maryland before, in fact, on this very street. West Deer Park Road is the home to memorial to William Christman III that we visited quite some time ago. However, just a few feet away is another memorial.

This one, in a copse of trees, is to all those from Gaithersburg who sacrificed all in Vietnam.

Extremely reminiscent of the standing stones you see in Ireland and other countrys, it pays honor and respect to these soldiers. I often say that I love all these memorials and that is the truth, but, this one is personal to me, I live not far from here and I know some of these names. An interesting note is that one of these guys is not from Gaithersburg, but the next town up the road, Germantown. I have been unable to find any information as to why he is included here. If you know, I would certainly love to hear the story! You, my readers, have on many occasions provided me with updates and better information, hope someone can this time, too.

On September 11th, I will post another of the many 9/11 memorials I have found in my travels, as is my custom. So, join me here on the 11th at 9:00am.

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Maine XII

Wells, Maine lies a little south of Kennebunkport, famous for being one of the homes of the Bush family.

Along one of the man thoroughfares, Post Road,  is the Ocean View Cemetery and to my astonishment today, I read that it is one of 200 in the area.

 This view is of a memorial that seems to list all that served, both in Korea and Vietnam.

These from the area were lost in 'Nam.

There are many veterans resting here, lots from the Civil War and I saw one stone with an 1811 date on it. don't know if it is the oldest. there are also family groups with many dates very close to each other, perhaps some kind of epidemic or other disaster.

Next time, on the 7th, we will take another look at Maryland, so join me there at 9:00am.

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