Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last post of 2013

Something a little different.

I was going to post a memorial from New York state today, but a 'Nam vet buddy sent me this and I thought that it was great. I missed it on TV and am not particularly a Garth Brooks fan. But, what a job he did!

I attempted to imbed this but that is not possible. So, click on the link below ( or copy and paste ) which will take you to You Tube and the video. Watch it all the way through, it is more than worth it.


To all my friends, readers and especially vets out there, have the best New Year yet. If you are still struggling with the war, go to your nearest Vet Center, they want to help. If you are doing OK, reach out to someone who might need you and not even recognize that they do. Make the New Year better for them.

Next time, on the 5th of January, visit Rochester, New York to see one of the most thoughtfully designed and laid out memorials I have yet encountered.

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holidays 2013

In the second, and final, non memorial post of the season, I wanted to share this one with you. Again, I was in New Mexico at a place called "Jackalope." Jackalope is a rambling, multi-acre emporium of all kinds of stuff. Once, it was mostly south-western items of numerous types, but over the years it has grown (and grown) into a source of all kinds of interesting things from all around the world. When in Santa Fe, I always try to stop in and see what new treasures they have uncovered.

One thing that has never changed, however, is the Prairie Dog Colony they have on site. These little guys have the run of their area and are always surrounded by kids (of all ages) who delight in their antics.

On this particular day as I was walking by, I noticed this guy who seemed to be mimicking St. Francis! St. Francis is extremely well known and popular in the southwest, and perhaps his little buddy, here, is just trying to steal some of the love!

OK, so enough of being off the subject!

Next time, on the last day of the year, visit New York with me and see what may just be the most well thought out memorial I have had the honor to visit. December 31st at 9:00am

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas 2013

Last year, at this time, I posted a photo of  a Christmas tree at the apex of The Wall. I got such a good response to it that I thought that I would try to find another this year. As my long time readers know, I don't usually post memorial pictures during the holiday season. In previous years I have posted locomotives, or car show pics but then I found the tree pic. In that spirit, this year, I found this one. I want to make clear that I did not take this pic. I take all of the pics on this site unless otherwise noted, which is very rare, now a total of three, but not this one. I just like it and want to share it with all of you while hoping that you and your families  have a great season, no matter what or how you celebrate. 


Join me, again, on the 26th of December, as always, at 9:00am.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

New Mexico IV

I may have mentioned, before, that New Mexico is one of my favorite places. I was there recently on a family trip and managed to carve out a day to drive over to Grants. Grants lies about 80 miles west of Albuquerque along route 40. I had read often of a memorial there and finally got a chance to see it.

The memorial rests in Friendship Park, along Santa Fe Avenue.

Cibola County, where Grants is located, lost five of her sons in Vietnam. three other of her sons are chiefly responsible for this beautiful tribute. Consisting of three large marble stones each representing vets. The center stone is engraved with the names of the five lost and the other two, larger stones honor all lost or considered missing. The Santa Fe Avenue Beautification Committee planted tulips in the park and along the Avenue.

A number of state officials, Tribal leaders, along with hundreds of bikers headed for The Wall in D.C. were on hand for the dedication.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Jersey III

Elizabeth, New Jersey, has taken a lot of heat over the years due to its petrol-chemical associations, but it also boasts a very nice, dignified memorial to those who served in Vietnam.

Located in Winfield Scott Park at Elizabeth Avenue and Bridge Street it honors the 30 men from the area who gave all in Vietnam.

Many kinds of honors are dedicated here. specific to an individual or, a few, more general from businesses or families.

 On the 16th we will visit New Mexico. Join me, as always, at 9:00am

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Montana III

A young man visited a veteran's memorial in another part of Montana and wanted his uncle to purchase a brick to commemorate the uncle's service to his country. The uncle said, "Why don't you build a memorial in Dillon?"

That is exactly what the young man did. He talked to folks in his hometown of Dillon, Mt. and was overwhelmed by the response. goods and materials were donated and the project was underway.

A stonemason and builder by trade, the young man began work and over time this beautiful memorial evolved from a dream to a reality.

It is dedicated to all veterans, but as you can see there are many from Vietnam remembered and honored here. Located along the I-15 Business Route, it is the pride of the town and well worth the time to stop and visit.

If you would like to read more about this effort, click the link below, or copy and paste into your browser.


Next time, on the 11th, we will visit New Jersey, join me there at 9:00am

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Missouri VIII

As mentioned previously, I had to return to Missouri due to a computer system failure that cost me all the pics from my first trip. This turned out to be a good thing as I found additional sites and met some really interesting folks. One of these chance meetings led to my being interviewed by a local St. Louis radio station. The interview turned out to be one of the most popular ones ever broadcast!

This memorial is located in a suburb called Florrisant. In fact, I was interviewed there by the local edition of The Florrisant Patch, an on-line newspaper. Quite a trip, all in all!

The memorial sits in a small park area and is dedicated to those who served and those lost in Vietnam. Dedicated on July 4th, 1969, it remembers and honors the 41 from the area who were lost. It is also one of the older memorials I have found around the country.

The memorial is located along Howdershell Road.

Next time, on December 6th, check out a site in Montana. As always, I will see you at 9:00am.