Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holidays 2013

In the second, and final, non memorial post of the season, I wanted to share this one with you. Again, I was in New Mexico at a place called "Jackalope." Jackalope is a rambling, multi-acre emporium of all kinds of stuff. Once, it was mostly south-western items of numerous types, but over the years it has grown (and grown) into a source of all kinds of interesting things from all around the world. When in Santa Fe, I always try to stop in and see what new treasures they have uncovered.

One thing that has never changed, however, is the Prairie Dog Colony they have on site. These little guys have the run of their area and are always surrounded by kids (of all ages) who delight in their antics.

On this particular day as I was walking by, I noticed this guy who seemed to be mimicking St. Francis! St. Francis is extremely well known and popular in the southwest, and perhaps his little buddy, here, is just trying to steal some of the love!

OK, so enough of being off the subject!

Next time, on the last day of the year, visit New York with me and see what may just be the most well thought out memorial I have had the honor to visit. December 31st at 9:00am

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