Friday, June 26, 2020

New Mexico XIX

It is not too often that I find a memorial dedicated solely to one battle. Most, as you know, are dedicated to the lost and missing from the larger war.

As you drive west on New Mexico 124 (the old Rte 66) towards the Acoma Pueblo you will come to the Khe Sanh Bridge and nearby, just off the highway, near Paraje is this memorial dedicated specifically to the battle of Khe Sanh, one of the worst of the war. I was not able to get a good shot of the bridge on this day, so I will hope to get it on my next trip.

The text here says that over 2,000 Americans died at Khe Sanh

Note the cap someone has attached to the side of the memorial.
The name of those who are local are listed here.

The total numbers are in dispute as is so much of this war and you can read much more about Khe Sanh here:

Next time we will take a trip back to New York, so meet me there at 9:00am, on July 1st.

To see additional memorials from New Mexico, or any other state, please click on the state name on the left side of this page.

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