Monday, March 5, 2018

Maryland XVIII

Frostburg lies in the far west of Maryland. It was founded by Mr. Frost, because Thomas Jefferson wanted to build The National Road to ship goods back to the east and provide a way west for expansion, in 1806. It served for about 40 years until the Railroads made their way into western Maryland. Today Frostburg's population is less than 10,000 not including the students at Frostburg University.

This memorial is located on the side of the American Legion Post 24 building near the corner of Main and Water Streets.

The plaque is one of several that adorn the front of the building. It was locked up tight when I was there so I couldn't gather any other information.

Ten of our brothers are honored here, even one with my last name. I guess we all feel a special pang when we see our own names on a memorial somewhere, I know I do. Why him...?

So, on the 10th, we will venture back to Ireland. I will just have returned from another road trip and perhaps I'll have something new to share. Join me here at 9:00am to see what is up.

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