Thursday, January 21, 2021

Alabama XVI

 I know that last time in West Virginia I promised that we would trek off to Alaska this time, but I decided to make a quick stop in Alabama first.

In keeping with my Faces of Remembrance series I thought I would share these first.


I've shared this guy in the past I think, he was one of the very first photos I ever shot on this journey. He stands before the memorial in Mobile Alabama. He is looking at all the names from the area that are honored here. An interesting note is that he is wearing an old army fatigue shirt and across the breast pocket it says, "it never ends." He represents us today as we age and comments on the reality of so many lives still in turmoil.

These next several faces come from a memorial just feet away from the guy above. It is a tribute to squads and the dogs that served with them. It is really small and the faces on each of these next heroes were no larger than my balled fist and I could not get close enough to get really close shots so they suffer some from the process of pulling them out of a larger photo.

So, while not postcard perfect photos, I think they still show the raw feelings of being on patrol.

Dedicated in 2008 it is actually called the War Dogs Memorial(and can be seen elsewhere on this site) and honors the thousands of dogs, of many varieties that served in Nam.

Next time, on the 27th, as promised before, we will venture back to Alaska, so join me there, as always, at 9:00am.

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Saturday, January 16, 2021

West Virginia XI

Traveling through West Virginia recently I ventured into Shepherdstown, the first city in the state established in 1734.

Along German Street at King is the War Memorial Bldg which for about 80 years was a church.

Built in 1868 it was sold to the Men's Club who spent many years and much money restoring it after they purchased it in 1948. It is now a venue for many activities and meetings.


The memorial here is a multi-war honoring those from Shepherdstown lost in our Twentieth Century Wars.


I have mixed feelings about what was done here. The lone name seems to be almost an after thought, tacked on wherever they could find space, but honored after all.

Regardless of that, I am pleased that he has been honored and taken his place among the other heroes from Shepherdstown. R.I.P. brother.

Next time, on the 21st, we will trek back to Alaska, so join me there, as always,at 9:00am.

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Monday, January 11, 2021


Echo Company, 2nd Marine Battalion of the 7th Marines have participated in our nations efforts since WWII and they are honored here at the Museum of the Marine Corps for their efforts in Vietnam with this memorial.

They served in Nam from July 1965 to October 1970 so were certainly involved in the thick of it for some time.

The Museum of the Marine corp is a treasure trove of memorials from the Vietnam era and I am sure that we will return soon and often.

The museum and memorials, where ever they may be, ensure that these brave men and women, our bothers and sisters, are never forgotten.

The museum is located in Triangle Virginia, not far from Washington, D.C., is well marked of I-95.

Next time on the 16th, we will revisit West Virginia, so, as always, meet me there at 9:00am.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Pennsylvania XXIII

As promised we are back on track today, once again visiting and honoring our lost brothers and sisters, this time in Pennsylvania.

In the Scranton area is a town called Old forge and it has a remarkable number of remembrances for such a seemingly small town. Today we will visit just one of them.

Just on the grounds of the fire station sits this beautiful memorial originally dedicated to the heroes of WWI and WWII. 

Two additions were made at a later date, one in honor of those lost in Vietnam.

No names are listed and one wonders if it is because there just might be too many. A nearby town attempts to name everyone who has ever served and it is a formidable task and who knows what causes one town to do one thing and another something else. Having served on a memorial committee for my area I know just what a daunting task it is to get it right, then get it funded, etc., etc., etc.

I am always glad to notice these staked emblems. I do not know where they come from but they are at many, many sites.

I am intrigued by the statue. I am not sure if she is a grieving mother or represents something else entirely. What do you think? Let me know by posting in the comments section or via the email listed on the left side of this page.

Next time, on the 11th, we will visit Virginia, so meet me there, as always, at 9:00am.

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Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 Holiday Season III New Years eve.

I think it is safe to say that the overwhelming majority of us will be glad to see 2020 go into the books. Not that much will change for a while until the vaccine is widely distributed and the intelligent among us take advantage of it.

Enough of that for now. In this final installment of this years non memorial photos, I think I will share a few more from beautiful Hawai'i.

These, like the last ones, will need little or no comment, so just enjoy, and hope that the New Year is an improvement.

This is the Pulmeria and is the flower very often seen in Leis, here growing wild.

This, I think, is another of the Bromeliads, whatever it is , it is just spectacular.

Came across this beauty while walking towards Turtle Beach, no idea what it might be.

And has become my pattern through this short series, I will end with another sunset. this one was taken from a rooftop restaurant on Waikiki Beach.

Next time, on the 5th, we will return to Vietnam memorials. I am experiencing a series of failures on my computer system so it remains to be seen exactly what will be available to me from my files. 

So, check back at 9:00am on the 5th to see what came of this, I am sure I will be able to get something functioning by then.

Happy New Year to all!

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Saturday, December 26, 2020

2020 Holiday Season II

Well, it is the day after Christmas and it is cold with snow from the last fall. Its got me thinking of warmer climates and that makes me think of Hawai'i, since we were just in Arizona!

Here are some pics of some of the flora local to the island of Oahu.

This is some kind of Bromeliad, I think. It is just trying to bloom, if you look closely you can see the tiny flowers beginning to open.

Judging from the look of the leaves, I'd guess that this, too, is of the same family, but I have never seen anything like it.

No idea at all but, no less beautiful.

Here is one I have seen before, called bird of Paradise among other names it is available in many areas.

I'll end with another sunset. This was taken on Waikiki Beach, just happened to be there at the right time.

Speaking of time, next time will be New Years Eve, so check back if you get a moment for the last of my holiday, non memorial posts. After the 31st we will return to honoring our brothers and sisters, most especially those who are not able to enjoy this season with us, their, friends, their families.

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Monday, December 21, 2020

2020 Holiday Season

As many of you will know I take some time off from memorials during the holiday season. It gives me a break from always thinking about memorials and a chance to feature other, more light hearted photos.

Some will also know that I am captivated by the American southwest, the enormity, the beauty, and diversity never fail to capture my imagination and my heart.

Everyone is familiar with the iconic Saguaro cactus that blankets the Sonoran Desert but there is much other beauty to be found and enjoyed in the desert and I will share a couple of pics of some of these with you today.

This is one of several types of Aloe found in the Sonoran Desert which lies in Arizona, Mexico, and California. These photos are all from the general Tucson area.

While the focus is not quite perfect here, a beautiful flower is, well, just beautiful. These are found all across the area.

Another desert floor beauty.

Yucca growing along the side of the road.

Barrel cactus getting ready to bloom.   

And finally, the southwest is famous for its sunsets and this a shot out my hotel window, so some reflection, etc., but I await shots like this every time I am in the southwest and never tire of seeing and capturing them. 

Happy holidays to all!

So, next time, on the 26th, come on back for something else a bit different, as always, at 9:00am.

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