Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Maryland XXI

Thurmont lies just a short drive above Frederick, Md. It is well known for its beauty and its apples, among other things. It, also, honors its service men and women with a Memorial Park that honors all that served.

Among the several memorials here is one dedicated to all the residents who served in 'Nam.

Two among these were lost and their names are marked with a + to denote their service and ultimate sacrifice.

As is nearly always the case, names have been added after the dedication. As you know if you follow this page we recently dedicated a memorial in my county. We worked for nine years to get it done and part of that effort was a an ongoing attempt to be accurate, to ensure that every veteran that was lost or remains missing was included. the numbers changed as we found more and more names. we thought we had done a terrific job finding all. On the day of the dedication, a lady approached me and said that one of the names marked as MIA had, in fact, been recovered and interred at Arlington National Cemetery. We didn't make it one day. If we can confirm this,  a correction will be made to be sure. So, as I said, it seems to happen all the time.

Memorial Park is located at 116 Main Street.

Next time, on the 21st, we will travel back to New Jersey, so meet me there, as usual, at 9:00am.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Maine X

About 4 miles from the more famous Kennebunkport, Maine is Kennebunk, Maine! Here, I found this small, yet, dignified memorial to a few of our more recent wars, including Vietnam.

Nestled among some trees and flanked by three flag poles it honors those from , , and Vietnam.

There are several benches to reflect and remember.

Honored are those who served n all of our involvements from WWII to Iraq.

Located near the intersection of Summer Street and Portland Road, it was dedicated relatively recently although no specific date is listed.

Next time, on the 16th, we will see another site in Maryland, so join me there, as always, at 9:00am.

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Saturday, October 6, 2018


I have written about the memorial in Bayliss Park in Council bluffs before, but, today, I want to post one of my Faces of Remembrance series, with a small twist.

The soldier depicted in the statue is said to be Phillip Grego who was lost in 'Nam. His family worked tirelessly to have the memorial built.

This picture is not the best, but I think it is a little unusual to see glasses done so well. They are, also, not the standard military issue, interesting.

But, that is not the twist. 

Standing just a few feet away is a statue of a slightly older man who is holding a folded American flag. He is looking towards the statue and while I have no verification, I think he is Phillip's father, or a representative of all fathers.

I also see a certain serenity (?) in each pic. Perhaps it is something else.
At the time I took these pics, I had no idea I would be writing a Faces of Remembrance series, so I did not concentrate on the faces. these were cropped from larger pictures.

One never knows where the journey might take you.

Next time, on the 11th, we will return to Maine, so join me there at 9:00am.

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Monday, October 1, 2018

Georgia X

At Fort Benning, in Columbus, Georgia, is a 3/4 size replica of the Wall.

While similar, it is different in several ways. Obviously it is smaller, 240 feet by 8 feet high. Also, it is rectangular, not sloping like DC.

In addition, the names are grouped alphabetically, by year, making an individual name easier to find, perhaps.

It lies just adjacent to the Heritage Walk just outside the National Infantry Museum at the Fort. The Walk features thousands of pavers honoring the many who have served.

In my reading up on this, after my visit, it is unclear about how long this memorial will remain at Fort Benning. One place says it will remain until "at least 2019," another says that the Museum will be come its permanent home.

As you enter the Vietnam Memorial Plaza, where the wall is placed you, also, see this memorial and a couple of others dedicated dedicated to those who served and those who served at home: families.

Next time, on the 6th, we will take another look at Iowa, so join me there at 9:00am.

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