Sunday, March 25, 2018

New Mexico XVI

Back in June of 2016 I visited Las Cruces, New Mexico to see the wonderful veterans memorial the city has built.

However, once I visited the numerous memorials through out the park it became apparent that there was no memorial to Vietnam. I was somewhat disappointed as you might imagine because I had heard, or read, or something that it was there, while leaving a saw a small bulletin board and on it were a number of notices and flyers. I checked it out and discovered that, in fact, a Vietnam memorial was planned and was in the process of development. I vowed to return.

So, today, I will share the outcome of those efforts.

I called around New Mexico looking for the nearest Veterans organization. I eventually hooked up with Billy Armijo, a Vietnam vet, manning the phones at New Mexico Veterans Services on the day I called. He promised to meet me at the memorial and tell me about it when I made to the area.

Billy, true to his word was waiting for me when I arrived. Today, I will share a few of the pics and promise to come back here another time with some of the other features of this site.

I just love the way the designers placed the Huey which was the final component of this site.

Seems like it is really coming in doesn't it?

Note the text, a bit unusual:

Vietnam War Memorial
Heroes Never Thanked

Many, many, names and faces listed, those lost and those who managed to make it back.

Here is a pic of billy in Da Nang that is featured on the Wall.

Here is a pic of Billy and me at another memorial, in Vado, that he was kind enough to take me to see. You can find more pics of Vado elsewhere on this site.

Next time, on the 30th, we will head back to New York. Join me there as always, at 9:00am.

To see additional memorials from New Mexico, or any other state, please click the state name on the left side of this page.

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