Saturday, March 10, 2018

Ireland II

One does not always think of Ireland when contemplating the Vietnam war, but this would be an oversight.

People from other lands came to the aide of Vietnam by joining the U.S. military. I have found a memorial in Portugal, there are KIA/MIAs from Panama and other not often credited places.

The Irish are no exception and are, perhaps, the largest such group.

2500 of then came to America to join the military and serve along side us in Vietnam. Some 30 of them perished and are along side us, still, on The Wall in Washington, D.C. One of these is among the eight women listed, Pam Donovan, was from Ireland.

This memorial is the one of the last remaining remnants from British occupation of Ireland, so it is fitting that it now serves as an everlasting honor to Irish men and women who gave their lives while fighting with other countrys for the freedom of others.

Originally the Officers Mess and Quarters, part of the Tipperary Barracks it was destroyed after the British finally left Ireland.

It was saved and refurbished by the Tipperary Remembrance Trust to honor these Irish heroes and dedicated in 2004.

There are several plaques on the reverse of the arch and each is dedicated in a manner different from what we do here. They are listed by whom the Irish fought with against someone else. The one on which you find Pam Donovan, and others, is simply listed as the Irish lost fighting with America. Another says Irish lost while fighting with the United Kingdom, or Australia, or Eire (Ireland).


The memorial is dedicated to:

"...the Irishmen and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of Peace Freedom at home or worldwide..."

When I visited, my guide, Mick, told me there were plans to add a plaque dedicated specifically to those lost in Vietnam. I do not know if this has been completed yet, I was back recently and it was not, but I could not reach Mick to get any information. If I do, I will certainly update here.

I thought about saving this for Saint Patrick's Day, but decided it was too far off, so enjoy.

Next time, on the 15th we will revisit New Hampshire, so join me then, back in America, at 9:00am.

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