Saturday, April 27, 2013

West Virginia VI

The statue here at Fairmont is not unusual. It depicts soldiers aiding a wounded comrade. This as I have mentioned in the past is one of several recurring themes found at these sites. This one, however, is just a little bit different. The same shock, fear, and 1,000 mile stare are seen on the faces of the three men. Something I have not seen before is the bullet hole in the back of the fallen soldier! Even with this trauma and horror, to me at least, this is a more positive rendition of this oft repeated scene. Because, the injured man is wearing a flak jacket which has protected him. He is going to live. He is going to be able to tell his story. He may tell his grandchildren about the time he almost didn't make it.

Flak Jackets were, for way too many of us, kind of like seat belts. We didn't want to be encumbered by them. They were hot and heavy and the temptation to take them off, for just a little while, was great. Most learned that leaving them on was the best policy. They, like seat belts, did not always save you, but you had a better chance with than without. This guy, on this day, made the right choice. Maybe, just maybe, he is reading this today.

Next time I will fill you in on the Super Slick at the site. I have had the honor of talking to those involved with getting to the site and even its crew chief! More on May 2nd at 9:00am!

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