Sunday, April 7, 2013

West Virginia II

In a small park in Logan, West Virginia are several memorials to the locals who fought our wars. These include a number of lost from Vietnam. If you look closely at the next to final pic you can see that several names have been added since it was first inscribed. the two columns begin in alphabetical order but the addition of the names has changed the "order" of the memorial. I don't know if this is a reach or not but it all just reminds me of the chaos and confusion of the war. We see different dates for the span of the war, there is still discussion about who gets included on some memorials and who doesn't, and names continue to be added, or not. Each year, in D.C, there is a reading, at The Wall, of the names of those who were lost in the preceding year to Agent Orange or other Vietnam connected injuries, etc, that are not considered Wall worthy, are read aloud, to remember and honor them. In a future post I will tell you about a guy who was just added to another West Virginia memorial after all this time.

Note the added names at the bottom of each column.

This last photo is of  a small , nearby, memorial to the two local Vietnam Medal of Honor awardees. It is unusual for anyplace to be the home of  a Medal of Honor awardee, but two from the same war, from the same fairly small county (less than 38,000 in the 2000 census) is really momentous.

Logan has the distinction of being home to two Medal of Honor awardees from the Vietnam War.

The next post, April 12th, will feature a site honoring heroes from eight counties in two states. Join me at 9:00am in Princeton, WV.

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