Wednesday, April 17, 2013

West Virginia IV

I almost did not go to Morgantown. I had seen some pics of its memorial and just couldn't find the time to drive all that way for a memorial that seemed small and incomplete. Fortunately, I discovered another one near by and decided to visit it. As Morgantown was kind of on the way, I decided to stop.

The weather was lousy. It was snowing and the temp was right around 13 degrees. But boy was I glad I stopped.

The memorial is really quite elegant. A "multiwar" it honors several other engagements, but each has a separate marker of some kind. they are all grouped together behind a protective fence. It seems the pictures I had seen elsewhere just did not due the site justice. Another lesson learned.

Names are not listed on these plaques, but it seems 24 from Morgantown were lost, 16 from Morgantown High School which has its own memorial. I did not know that when I was there, so, I don't have pictures of that one.

Next time on the 22, we will  visit the nearby location. It has an interesting story, like so many. So, join me in Fairmont at 9:00am, as always!

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