Thursday, May 2, 2013

West Virginia VII

This Huey has an interesting story. It spent much of its time in the Delta. In fact the crew chief and I had places in common. I had the privileged of talking with him just a few days ago. He was at one time a door gunner who eventually became the crew chief. His name is listed on the front of Super Slick as she was named.

This bird was listed as having been pushed off the deck of an aircraft carrier in the last hours of our involvement in 'Nam. Turns out (obviously) not to be true. There is a guy in California who has cataloged 7000 choppers that served in-country and it was discovered that this one actually made it, somehow, to Ft. Hood Texas. The guys from Fairmont arranged to get it and drove a flatbed down to pick her up. Amazingly, while there, they tried to start her up and she fired up and was ready to go. Unfortunately, no one present could fly her. So, they loaded her on the truck, brought her to Fairmont where she was cleaned up and made ready for the memorial. This coming Memorial Day (2013) many of those who flew her are meeting in Fairmont for a reunion. I so wish I could attend but will be in another part of the country at that time.

It always spooks me a little when sites put "guys" inside aircraft or in depicted scenes. I am not sure why. I guess the continuously nagging questions about whether they made it back or why them and not me? Fortunately, we know that many of her crew made it home!

Next time, I will conclude the visit to Fairmont, West Virginia by highlighting the remarkable mural that surrounds much of the site. It has a surprise or two. So, join me on the 7th of May to learn its secrets, as always at 9:00am.

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  1. I, for one, am glad you're in another part of the country for Memorial Day 2013.