Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Virginia XXVII

Mathews, in Mathews County lies about 70 miles due East of Richmond. My friend and fellow photographer, Mike Minnick, visited and found this memorial and as always, graciously, sent it on to me.

It was originally a WWII memorial but was rededicated in 2003 to include what have become known as The 20th Century Wars. It does, however, not include anything beyond Vietnam. Perhaps it will be updated once again.\ in the future.

I have found little information about it and as always, I invite anyone with additional knowledge to get in touch. You will find an email address to the left.

The original 40 WWII lost have been joined by their brothers from other wars.

Our three lost brothers are here. 

Note the dates of the war. I am never sure, as I have stated often here, whether these numbers are intentional revisionist history or something else. Facts demonstrate that the first solder lost in Vietnam was TSGT Fitzgibbons who was killed in 1956, the year following our first entry into Vietnam. (The first American was killed in 1945 in what turned out to be an accidental shooting. The Vietminh were aiming at the guy next to him!)

Next time, on the 9th, we will revisit Washington, so meet me at 9:00am.

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I will ask, at the end of every post now, for anyone who has pictures of Vietnam memorials not seen here to please send them to me. I will give you full photo credit for the pic and any information about it you may know. Check your state from the list at the left.

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