Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Virginia XIX

I visited the Flame of Hope Memorial quite some time ago, but its beauty and dignity have stuck with me for years.

It is located near NAS Oceania, Virginia Beach, Virginia.


It was dedicated in 1972 as a beacon for all POWs and MIAs and in less than a year it will be 50 years old. I've read that it is in need of repair and have contacted some of those involved to see what its status might be. It is said that it will need to be moved during the repairs.


There is an covered guide to the site that is badly sun-faded and in need of renewal. It is on the list for repair.

This is nearby.

This guy zipped by as I was taking pics. He was quite a distance away so not so clear!


The memorial is located om Oceania Boulevard just north of the main gate to the NAS.

Next time, on the 11th, we will see what I can find, hopefully, I will get to West Virginia by then. If not, well, we'll see.

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