Thursday, October 29, 2015

North Carolina X

While visiting the Fayetteville, NC welcome Home a while back, we (my buddy Steve and I) decided to see if we could find anything at nearby Ft. Bragg. We, both  had done our basic training at Bragg and were interested to see it we could still find our way around. But first, we had to get on the post. This is sometimes easier than others, I have been refused entrance on a number of occasions and yet at other times, at different posts,  I just show some identification and just roll on in. Today, happily, was one of those days, we had no problem gaining access.

We drove around and actually found the places we had been trained, the barracks, the PT field, etc. Even though we were there several years apart, Steve and I had been in practically the same areas while there, literally a few yards apart.

We continued our flashback until we found some parade grounds and there we found this memorial to those who had been to 'Nam.

Relatively small and listing no names, it does depict iconic images from 'Nam.



Elsewhere, we found tributes to individual units that served and I will post about them sometime in the not too distant future. I will remind you that other posts from the Fayetteville Welcome Home may be found elsewhere on this site and that some of my very favorite pics are from that event. So, if you are new to this site or have never scrolled around to see what else is here, I recommend that you check out other posts from North Carolina by clicking on the name on the left side of this page.

Next time, on the 4th of November, I will be traveling in Washington and Oregon to visit additional sites for inclusion here. You can see more from the Montgomery County Salute to Vietnam Veterans, at 9:00am EST.

To see additional memorials from North Carolina, or any other state, click the state name on the left side of this page.

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