Tuesday, April 21, 2015

South Dakota XV

I had a little time, so I thought I would drive out to Devil's Gulch, where Jesse and Frank James evaded a posse in hot pursuit by jumping the gulch. Well, it was a little difficult to find and then when I did, it didn't seem as if the average horse would have much trouble jumping it. I think they got away because they jumped from Minnesota into South Dakota, but that is really just a guess.

I decided just to cruise through the town of Garretson, SD just to see if maybe there was a memorial in the town. I hadn't driven but three or four blocks when I came upon this multi-war memorial near the corner of 2nd and Main.

The wind was blowing pretty hard, you can see that the flag pole is under some stress.

As with all multi-war sites, several involvements are honored here, Vietnam is on the top right side with the four from the area who were lost named and honored forever.

So, a side trip to check out Jesse James lead me to a memorial to four of our brothers. I have learned not to be surprised by what I find on this journey.

Next time, on April 26th, we will once again, visit Texas, so join me there at 9:00am, as always.

To see other memorials from South Dakota, or any other state, click the state name on the left side of this page.

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