Friday, January 10, 2014

New York VI

It is difficult for me to say which feature of this marvelous site is the "main" one. It is just filled with markers and remembrances, each as powerful as the last.

As you exit the plaza area and begin walking down the paved trail, you immediately see the bollards winding down, around, and out of sight. There are two hundred and eighty of them winding through the park like setting on the left side of the path. Each is dedicated to one of those lost from the area. Their branch of service, name, date of birth and death and even what high school they attended is displayed. On many, someone has attached a photograph or perhaps a flower. I walked slowly through the site and read every name. It was difficult, but seemed the least I could do. You are forced by the shape of the bollard to bow your head as your read the names listed on each one.

Part way down this path you come upon two, free standing markers.

One, on the left, is dedicated to Medal of Honor awardees and stands among 23 Red Bud trees; one of each of the names honored on the black granite wall. The triangular tribute is pointing directly at one of the bollards erected for one of the awardees.

The second is located in the Veteran's Reflection Garden. It depicts a solder walking through a granite wall. It represents walking through time, passing from the past to the present. The stone is highly polished so that the inevitable visitor sees himself along with the solder; a connection between the living and the dead.

This memorial makes a point of stating that it honors not only the lost, but all who served during the Vietnam Era and all those from the Rochester area who were "touched by the effects of the war."

Next time, on the 15th we will further explore the treasures found here. As always, at 9:00am.

To see other memorials from New York, or any state click the state name on the left side of this page.

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