Saturday, January 25, 2014

New York IX

As you tear yourself away from this somber theater and begin the walk away, up the winding path to leave all this behind, you discover, yet, another place. Called the Reflection Garden, it is but another reminder to remember. The polished, black monolith calls on us, one last time, to never forget those who served. It recall the words of Major O'Donnell a pilot who was killed in action in 1970 but was considered MIA for years and years. It thanks all who served; something that,as you know, was a long time coming.


Having circled through this moving tribute you find yourself approaching the original, flag laden entrance. But, there just off to the right is one last, solitary bollard. Someone has affixed a flag to it.
This one really completes the circuit. It remembers and honors so many that are not often included at these sights.

  It reads as follows;

This bollard is dedicated to all those men and women who lost their lives because of Vietnam.
to those that died from physical or emotional wounds and those who succumbed to their injuries, 
by their own hand, from Cancer induced by Agent Orange or substance abuse also.
it is also dedicated to those who continue to suffer after Vietnam from PTSD, pain, sleeplessness, anxiety, loneliness,rage, survivor guilt and/or sadness. To their families who witnessed the pain, but often, could not understand.
It is dedicated to all those who picked up their lives despite difficulty and did their very best, contributing to America as they did with their service to country in Nam.
Finally, this is dedicated to you who have come here today. You who loved and supported us.. remember us. thank you for quenching the thirst of our souls. May none of us ever again forget the cost of freedom and the sacrifices made. God bless you one and all.

So, after this roller coaster ride of emotions, a moment of absolute brilliance! The very last thing you see, finally back to the beginning is a mood lightening, life affirming, display that pulls you right back from the edge. I even laughed out loud. A water fountain. Not just any water fountain, but one that has been designed to look just like a canteen. Not only is it brilliant, it works.

This is the final post from Rochester. Next time we will be right next door in new Jersey. So, join me then, as always at 9:00am on the 30th.

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