Wednesday, July 29, 2015

California XIV

One of the largest Lao Hmong populations in the U.S. is in Fresno, California. They came here after the fall of Saigon and their 15 year efforts to assist the U.S. in 'Nam. It is estimated that no fewer than 35,000 of these brave souls gave their lives supporting the U.S.efforts in Vietnam.

The memorial sits in a park in Fresno and depicts two Hmong soldiers assisting a downed American pilot.

The Secret War as it is known was waged primarily in Laos with the support of the Hmong. It took many years for the government to admit that this was actually going on. When Vietnam fell, so did Laos and these people were completely displaced. There is another memorial in Wisconsin and a very large Hmong community in Minnesota, too.

Here, the Hmong soldier attempts to call for help as his comrade tries to comfort the pilot.

I particularly like the detail of the American flag on the back of the pilot's helmet

The memorial rests in Court House Park, outside the Fresno County Court House on Van Ness Avenue.

Our next visit, on the 3rd, will be to Colorado, so meet me there. as always. at 9:00am.

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