Thursday, July 3, 2014

Maine VI

The town of Orono sits on a picturesque lake, or pond as they are called locally, in Maine. The place looks as if it could be used as a site for postcards, it is so beautiful. But, there on a little point, shaded by trees, over looking the pond, is a memorial to two of her sons.

What is most startling to me is that the one on the right could very easily be me. We look like twins. It is really quite disconcerting to look at a memorial and see your own face staring back at you.

This happenstance stuck with me and I did some research and found an actual picture of this man and in reality we don't look so much alike, but that etching is scary!

Mr. Nadeau in 1966
Me in 1967

 So, you tell me. Doppelganger? Another strange fact is that we were born just 12 days apart.

While looking into Mr Nadeau, I found a story about how his Purple Heart was lost and seemingly gone forever, but through some unlikely events was recovered. Read all about it here:

So, next time we will be in Maryland, so join me there, in The Free State, on July 8th, as always, At 9:00am.

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