Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Maryland V

Westminster, Maryland lies in Carroll County. A beautiful little town that boasts History, shopping and a an Irish pub! Not far from these lies an outstanding Vietnam memorial dedicated to the 19 from the area who were lost. Westminster is a town of fewer than 20,000 and is the County Seat.

The memorial has several interesting features and I expect it will take two separate posts to show them all to you.

The site consists of three panels, each addressing some specific aspect of the war. today I will concentrate upon the main panel which lists the names and likenesses of all 19 lost vets and is dedicated to those who loved them.

The central panel depicts a map of Vietnam overlying a map of Carroll County. It is enclosed by two other panels that I will address next time.

Each of the 19 heroes are remembered here, their likenesses forever present to remind all of the cost of war and the heroism of the few.

I have seen a few of these memorials that include these photo like images. They never fail to amaze me in that they are so lifelike.

Next time, on the 13th, I will post the remaining photos from this remarkable site. So, join me, as always, at 9:00am.

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