Sunday, October 1, 2017

Nebraska XIV

While browsing through my files, at least thinking about organizing them better, I stumbled across this memorial. I knew it was in Nebraska, but could not remember exactly where.

Usually, I find some sign or street sign or something to remind me, but there was just nothing here. I noticed the three dedication marks near the bottom, VFW, DAV, and American Legion, so I looked up their numbers and called but no one could help me, or I haven't heard back from them as of today.

I was eventually able to determine that it is located in Norfolk, Nebraska and then, later, learned that it is in Prospect Hill Cemetery.

It is a combined Korea and Vietnam memorial, listing names of the lost from each.

When I was checking all this out I was surprised to see the Prospect Hill is located on Johnny Carson Blvd. (at Maple Avenue) I guess only those of us of a certain age will consider that interesting. I thought that maybe he was born in Nebraska, but it turns out he was born in Iowa. So...

On our next visit, we will be in New Mexico, so join me there at 9:00am on October 6th..

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  1. Great post! Our team at Starbuck Funeral Home love learning history about the many war memorials around the world!