Monday, November 21, 2016

Arizona XII

Willcox lies about 80 miles due east of Tucson along I-10.

This memorial was dedicated om 11-11-11 to the six from the area that were lost. The 2010 census put the towns population at 3757.  I was there the following March


It features the familiar Field Cross of which I have written before. For those who are new to it, is a tradition reported to have begun in the Civil War. A fallen soldier was marked by inverting his rifle and placing his head gear on top. Today, this usually includes his boots and one can tell from which war the soldier was by the helmet. I have seen far too many of these where no one bothered to check that and they use a modern helmet, which is somewhat different than those we had in 'Nam. It really annoys me.

Willcox got it right.

Nearby is a marker to those that are MIA. Nice job Willcox and thanks for taking the time to do it right.

 These may be found in Railroad Avenue Park.

Next time, look for a Thanksgiving greeting.

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