Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mississippi II

Mississippi is where this effort really got started. On that first visit I was only able to honor one site in Ocean Springs, near Biloxi. That visit was the very first and has inspired all the rest so luckily, I was able to return and find a couple of more. This one in Oxford really touched me, not so much because it is the most spectacular, but because Oxford is the town William Faulkner lived in for many years and based so many of his stories upon. Faulkner is one of my favorite writers so it was just special, for me, to be here.

The Lafayette Count Court House was rebuilt after being destroyed in the Civil War. Completed in 1872 it now is home to the local Veteran's memorial which lists many from the area who were lost in wars.

Three from Vietnam are commemorated and honored here.

Next time, December 1, we return to Missouri. Check out a new site at 9:00am.

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