Saturday, November 16, 2013

Michigan VI

This memorial is located in Lansing and is called the Michigan Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The name differs because, as long time readers know, there is another Michigan Vietnam memorial in Mount Pleasant. That one can be seen by clicking on Michigan, on the left, and scrolling through 'til you find it.

Built in 2001 to honor the 2651 lost or missing, the memorial was refurbished in 2008 and 9 MIA's located over the years were re-designated as lost. I have written before about the efforts of the joint committee from both nations to repatriate all MIA's and this is a indicator of what can be accomplished.( Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command ) According to the provided link, the effort seems to be in disarray at the moment. Hopefully, it can regroup and I hope it never ends until every single person lost is fully accounted for and returned to their country and their loved ones.

This memorial is a 120 foot arch, ten feet high, with all of those honored listed by the country in which they lived. Benches are provided for meditation or contemplation.

Located at The Hall of Justice between Ottawa and Allegan Streets in an open area with a few trees and the usual flags.

I like this memorial, I like them all, but I think it is an interesting example of something I have mentioned before on this site. Memorials tend to have a "feel" to them. Some are clearly designed by the average guy who went to 'Nam and others have a more "corporate" or as I call it "State" feel to them. The non "State" ones sometimes feel a little busy, lots going on, like the one in Heck Park, in Monroe, MI. which I think is great. You can see what the vets involved really wanted us to see and understand (see Michigan memorials, as above) and others like this one, or the one in Boscawan, NH. seem, just more packaged, somehow. I am not sure that this is a problem, just an observation.

Next time, join me in Minnesota at 9:00am on the 21st of November.

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