Thursday, November 21, 2013

Minnesota V

I was directed to this town in Minnesota by someone I happened to meet in South Dakota. She led me to one spot and then gave me directions to this and one other spot. these other two will post sometime in the future, but today we visit Edgerton.

None of these were solely a Vietnam memorial but all included those who served and/or were lost there. One of things that struck me was the heritage, if you will, of families serving at one time or another. You can see, here, a couple long lists of those who made the sacrifice to answer when the country called. Impressive.

The photo above this one has a key at the bottom to designate time of service.

A number of folks from this family served, but four went to Vietnam.

Another lesson I keep learning about small towns and what they do for their own was reinforced here. this beautiful memorial to all that have served was built by a town of just over 1100 folks.

Honored separately on their own stone are those who were lost over the years. You can see that two from a town of 1100 were lost in 'Nam.

Edgerton is in the southwest corner on Minnesota in Pipestone county. I found this interesting and learned that Pipestone is named for a local quarry that the Sioux, and others, mined for its soft stone out of which they made their ceremonial pipes. Cool!

The memorial sits at the intersection of  N. Main Street and  Center Street.     .

Next time, come with me to Mississippi to visit a small memorial in a town made famous by William Faulkner, one of my favorite writers. See you at 9:00am on the 26th of November.

To see other memorial from Minnesota, or any other state, click on the states name from the list on the left side of this page,

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