Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nebraska III

I wanted to go to Kearney because I so fondly remember my former Father-in-Law talking about growing up on a farm there. I still laugh that he will not eat sausage, to this day, so far as I know, because he had to make it as a kid. He used to say "I know what goes in it!"

So, I was pleased to learn that Kearney has a Vietnam Memorial. It is across the street from the High School and I wonder if that was chance or, perhaps, intentional. The old always send the young to die.

Located in Apollo Park, along with a Korean War Memorial, it honors four young men from the area who were lost in 'Nam. Interestingly, the site in Lincoln claims 405 lost from Nebraska, but several sites, including the Virtual Wall site, still claim and list 395, so it is possible that they may be more from Kearney. There are no names listed here and the site specifically pays tribute not only to the lost but to all who served.

I read an article that said that the Traveling Wall visited Kearney in 2011, 25 years after its first visit. 18,000 people visited this time and one was quoted as saying he hopes it doesn't take "another 25 years..." before it returns. I wonder who will be interested 25 years from now? Most, if not all of us will be gone by then and whom will tell our story then? I hope that this site will add a little to the knowledge that accumulated about the war, those who fought it and most importantly those remembered and honored by these sites.

This is one of those rare sites that actually has an address and it can be found at 3300 6th street, Kearney.

Next time, a special Memorial Day posting. So, as always, join me at 9:00am on the 27th of May. Nebraska will continue, in Omaha, on June1st following this special remembrance.

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