Friday, May 17, 2013

Nebraska II

The Veterans Memorial Garden within Antelope Park in Lincoln contains a number of other memorials. Most, not surprisingly, are not Vietnam. Here are a couple that are and a few I thought were interesting.

There was no explanation as to why this separately marked stone was here, but its simplicity is elegant.

A tribute to POW/MIAs stands nearby.

In another part of the park, this solemn remembrance of those who were POW's reminds us that we must never forget their service and immeasurable sacrifice.

I am sure there are others, perhaps at Fort Bragg (although I didn't see one when I visited) but this is the first I have photographed. It is showing some signs of wear, I hope there are plans to keep this one and all of them in the park, in good condition.
The plaque on the base of the  memorial.

I have written before about my former Mother-in-Law having been a W.A.S.P. and the contribution that she and he brave friends made to the WWII effort. This  site is not about WWII but I never want to miss an opportunity to pay homage to these brave, groundbreaking women without whom WWII may have dragged on longer or perhaps even had a different outcome.

Next time, on the 22nd, we will visit Kearney whee a small memorial remembers and honors those from the areas lost to the war. Join me, as always, at 9:00am.

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