Tuesday, May 7, 2013

West Virginia VIII

This fourth and final post from Fairmont will center upon the wall and mural that borders a large area of the site.

It contains a number of familiar scenes, but also, more!

I had taken a few pics and my friend told me that it was being refurbished as it was beginning to show some wear.

You can see the POW/MIA area is freshly renewed.

As I was walking away, he said "Did you see the faces?" I asked "What faces?" We walked back and he pointed out how the artist had incorporated painting techniques to hide faces in plain site. I was astonished! They were right there, looking out of the jungle at us, and I totally missed them.

You can see in these pics that the artist has used the natural setting and other components of the pictures to create these faces even though you can also see the wear on them.  I have read that this is called Camouflage Art and the name seems perfectly appropriate in this setting.

Next, we will move on to Nebraska. An  interesting story about the memorial there will be worth taking a look at! So, see you on the 12th in Lincoln, as always, at 9:00am.

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  1. Hi Mike, I forgot to click on the state of WV before commenting and ended up commenting on Nebraska so you may see my posts more than once. I saw the program about you on WJLA Thursday night, March 2, 2017. I moved from Montgomery County, MD to Berkeley Springs, WV (Morgan County)thirteen years ago. The Morgan County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund which is associated with the American Legion, is trying to raise the funds to build a Vietnam Memorial to be placed on Fairfax Street along with the WWII and Korean Memorials. I hope this will be accomplished within our lifetime. My fiancé who I knew for nineteen years died Sept. 21, 2016 due to cancer and I'm hoping to have his name put on the memorial. He was in the Marine Corps and served in Vietnam. I hope I will be able to notify you when this memorial is built. My email is mdbaygirl@mcpfamily.com. I graduated from Springbrook HS in 1964 in Montgomery County, MD. Did you attend the program Montgomery County had to recognize local county Vietnam Vets in 2015? Thank you for your service and I am praying for you. The WV Mobile Wall will be visiting Berkeley Springs May 20-21, 2017. It is not to be permanently placed as it is to visit each WV county and eventually Washington, DC. We will be having a Veterans event to raise money for our memorial when the Mobile Wall visits in May. WV lost more men in Vietnam than any other state. I'm sending you the link about the WV Mobile wall. http://www.westvirginiastatecouncilmobilewall.org/
    I worked in Rockville and commuted there from WV daily. It takes about an hour and a half to get from Rockville to Berkeley Springs.