Monday, December 3, 2012

Missouri IV

This memorial is in Wentzville, MO not too far from St.Louis. It was built in 1967 and is considered by many to be the first memorial to Vietnam in the country. At first, it was only a tree strung with lights as part of an effort to raise funds to send gifts to guys in 'Nam.  A couple of years later a monument was placed on the site. In time, the tree was lost to age or disease or something and the monument became the main site. The pillar has biblical verses on its base and is topped with an eagle. It is also the site of a yearly visit by those headed east in the Run for the Wall. The vets usually spend some time in Wentzville and always place a wreath at the memorial before heading to D.C. The last pic is of a notice left more than 20 years ago by some vet on his way to D.C.

It is located in Fireman's Park, at Birch Street and W. Pearce Blvd and it is hard to imagine that anyone in this town could not direct you  to it.

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