Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rhode Island

I can't tell you how many times, on the way to Newport, I passed the signs for the Rhode Island Veteran's Cemetery at Exeter. Before I began this journey, it was just noted with interest. I was a little surprised, as I began this effort, to discover that it was, also, the home of the R.I. Vietnam Memorial.

I stopped in and happened to meet the head guy. He is a 'Nam vet himself and was quite interested in my efforts. One of the interesting things he told me was that on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day, he and his brother meet at the site at sunrise and read, aloud, all the 224 names listed here. I think this is quite a tribute and I would love, someday, to be there as they honor our fellow soldiers. I have on occasion sent him an email on those days.

The memorials and grave sites at this historic place go all the way back to Colonial times. The place is not hard to find if you just follow the signs along Rte. 95. and follow additional signs to 301 S. County Trail, Exeter, RI, 02822

This is a remarkably beautiful place and you would not regret taking time to stop, I am sure.

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