Friday, July 20, 2012

Rhode Island II

On the grounds of the regal old City Hall in Newport, Rhode Island sits this simple memorial to 11 of her sons that were lost in 'Nam.

I have written a number of times about how we cannot seem to agree on when this war was fought. The dates one finds on memorials vary widely. I have chronicled beginning dates from 1955 to the late '60's and ending dates from 1973 to 1978! It was with some interest that I noticed that this memorial names the conflict "The Vietnam Crisis", so I guess we will continue to debate that, too. This, of course, is merely a semantic exercise for, perhaps, Lexicographers and Historians;  those of us who were there know what it was!

Oddly, I had a lot of trouble tracking this one down. Most of the folks in town were very helpful, just wrong, about exactly where is was. Long time followers of this blog know that I often lament the lack of knowledge of local people in locating sites. This one, should you be looking for it, is at the City Hall which is on Broadway, just opposite the corner of Spring Street and Bull Street.

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