Friday, September 2, 2011

Colorado IX

Driving through the beautiful Colorado mountains, we came to a place called Florence. Near the junction of Route 67 and Highway 50 is this great memorial.

Col. Boston was lost over North Vietnam, near Hanoi in April of 1966. This memorial was built to him and many others who answered when their country called and ultimately made the supreme sacrifice.

All American involvements are commemorated and honored here. 1316 heroes are honored here on the 2299 bricks that make up the wall. One expects that the remaining bricks will someday honor those now, or in the future, who serve the country.

The memorial is interesting because my first research said it was in Florence, the plaque on the site itself, says Canon City, but the address I found on line says 60298 Highway 50, Pemrose, Colorado. It is located on Highway 50 not far from the intersection with Route 67, near the Fremont County Airport.

To complete this story, today, I found a story telling of the recovery, identification and internment of Col. Boston. The joint POW/MIA Command with the aid of local Vietnamese citizens uncovered the remains of Col. Boston in 2000. but the technology to identify them did not exist at the time. Last April (2011), his remains were positively identified and he was buried with full military honors this past July (2011). He and his family can now rest in peace! It seems fitting somehow that I visited this spot in June and am writing these words in August (they will not post until September 2nd, however) Even though it took almost exactly 45 years to identify Col Boston, it gives hope that all of our brothers will eventually be returned to us and to their families.

You can read more about Col. Boston here;

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