Friday, September 16, 2011

Colorado X

One of the most gripping and poignant components of the western slope site is the sculpture, Welcome Home!

It was sculpted by Colorado artist, Richard Arnold. He, kindly, told me some of the story of this piece. He showed the finished work to a group of vets, who told him it was perfect, but he could see that there was something they were not quite comfortable with about the sculpture. Upon further questioning from him they told him they thought the uniform on the returning Marine was too neat and that he would not be smiling. Richard, who served in Danang in '65 realized that they were, indeed, correct. He reworked the statue until all agreed it was spot on. Then, one of the vets said, "let me place the Marine, so it is just right" He placed the soldier looking between his expectant parents, explaining that "He was not home, yet" Those who were there and their families will remember or understand that so many of us went away kids, and came home old men. This is made so painfully clear by the look (that should have been of joy) on the face of this soldiers mother.

In talking with Richard, I discovered that he is also the sculptor of the vet standing at the Wall in Mobile, Alabama. I wrote about him and the Mobile site some months ago. If you have not seen it you can find it here;

or just go back to the first page of this site and click on Alabama

I will note, again, that any state that is underlined has been posted, just click and you are there. Any photo can be enlarged by clicking on it, too.

Richard, also, told me about another site recently completed in Louisiana. I will fill you in on that one after I have an opportunity to see it and photograph it.

To visit Richard's studio, go here;

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  1. I really like this one. It is very moving. The look on the mother's face shows that even though her son is "home", she realizes she has lost something.