Sunday, August 28, 2011

Colorado VIII

While driving through Gunnison, we came across a Veteran's park and found this nice memorial. The boots, rifle and bayonet, helmet, and on some occasions, dog tags, known as a field cross, is dedicated specifically to Vietnam lost. The field cross is said to have been used first during the American Civil War as a means to identify fallen soldiers. Today, it has become more of an icon of respect for the lost

I spoke with several people from the town and finally hooked up with one of the people responsible for the memorial's placement. He explained that two men from Gunnison were lost in 'Nam. The town, which consists of about 5400 people wanted to do something to memorialize their lost neighbors and honor all who had served. So, collections were taken up and people donated from $1.00 to $1,000 and the memorial was created. I noted the footprints in front of the field cross and my contact said he assumed they were from someone saluting the cross. I wondered if they were from the boots of those who created the sacred remembrance to a fallen brother.

This is an American Legion Park and there are other memorials here, also. I found the eagles elsewhere in this nice city park.

The park is easily located on Highway 50 which runs right through Gunnison.

Next time I visit a memorial near Florence dedicated to a pilot whose remains were identified and interred 45 years after he was lost over Hanoi. Join me on September 2nd.

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