Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Minnesota III

The memorial in Duluth, Minnesota is called the Northland Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It sits on a beautiful lake walk area between a railroad track and lake Superior. It faces to the east and catches the sun as it rises. The light boxes allow the sun to flow across the names enshrined here; recognizing and honoring each one, each day.

The Northland Memorial, built like a bunker, protects those who are silently here while allowing visitors to honor them in inclement weather. A light shines to the sky at night to guide home the POWs and MIAs who have not yet returned to the Northland and their families and loved ones.

The five "fingers" seen in the third picture bear the insignias of and represent the five branches of the military. It is also said that these represent a wave coming from Lake Superior and the bunker is protecting the wall and the names within.

Dedicated on May 30, 1992, the site has an information stand that tells its story. Two passages from it stand out for me.

"Read their names, read them in a whisper, read them with your fingertips, read them with your eyes, read them in your heart; however you do it; they will hear you."


"They are heroes in our minds,
men in our eyes and
beloved in our hearts."

The Northland memorial, while in Duluth, honors those from 6 Minnesota and two Wisconsin counties.

If in Duluth I believe that anyone could direct you to this amazing site. It is in lakeside park and is near the old Fitgers building

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