Friday, October 15, 2010

Minnesota II

The first place I stopped in Minnesota was Stillwater. I met the fellow from the St. Paul planning committee here and he showed me the memorial in town.

As you can see, it is a bit unusual. When I asked him about the design, he said, "just take a look around!" As I slowly turned about and surveyed the surrounding town, the reason became obvious. The memorial is reflective of the spires seen in the architecture throughout Stillwater. I could find no good way to photograph the town to clearly show this, but it is quite remarkable as you stand there. Not only are there spires in churches, as expected, but also in the design of a number of other buildings in the town.

This memorial is a Veterans memorial but seems to be predominately Vietnam. When there was discussion about what to call the war, it was my friend who came up with "The Helicopter War" as seen on the plaque in the second picture. I have never met anyone who was in country who does not say they can still here a "Huey" coming from miles and miles away.

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