Thursday, September 9, 2010

Virginia II

This memorial is located in Culpeper, Va. and is called "The Piedmont Area Vietnam Veterans Memorial."

As with so many the memorial started as one mothers attempt to honor her son and 18 other fallen heroes from the area, as well as, all those who served. This was to be a memorial to the living as well as the dead. After the usual discussion, planning, fund raising, site selection et al, the monument was created.

The plan was to dedicate it on Veteran's Day 1997, but as it was being placed a portion fell over and the memorial was destroyed! Everything had to stop. Because the memorial was insured, all was not lost. The memorial was reordered and arrived in time to be placed and dedicated on Memorial Day 1998.

The whole process of inception to dedication took 16 years. A tribute to the dedication of a mother and the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 752!

There is a much more detailed telling of this story, here;

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