Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I was surprised to find how much the Cody area has changed since I was here 20 years ago.  Then, the Memorial stood alone on the edge of the city with nothing but open plains and mountains behind it. Now, someone has chosen to build WW II and Korean Memorials on the same spot. Not to mention the huge hotel that now shares the access road. What once seemed like a fitting tribute, on the prairie, feels a bit claustrophobic! The new memorials are beautiful, but with all the millions of acres that seem untouched in this part of the country....!  Oh well.

Map this memorial.

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  1. Mike this is fantastic, I have never served in the military. I graduated from high school in 1969 and the Vietnam War had been going on for several years by then. I had a few friends and classmates that served and fought in Vietnam, some made it back some didn’t. I myself at that time entered a postgraduate school, a military academy, by the time I finished the military academy the war was over. I went on and continued my education at a regular college. I will be honest with you, at that time I was not looking forward to going in the military because of the war, I was deferred because of my attending military academy at the time and for what reasoning I don’t really know today. I truly take my hat off to all of you Vietnam Veterans and people that are serving in the military now and in the past. If it wasn’t for people like you , Vietnam Veterans and all our military people, I might not be here today. Thanks good buddy and thanks to all our military for your brave and unconditional sacrifice. May God bless and keep you all safe, again thanks Mike for this site, see you and Mary in Arizona next week.