Saturday, October 17, 2009

New friends, on the road

As it will take various amounts of time to travel to the remaining states, I will occasionally post about people I have met or other (hopefully) interesting events along the road in an attempt to keep you coming back.

On the trip to Idaho (about which I will blog soon) John and I decided to stay in a Motel 6. This might not have been my first choice under normal circumstances, but we had John's great dog, Reba, with us. So, we needed a place that would welcome dogs and Motel 6 does so and doesn't even charge extra as most others do! Well, the place turned out to be OK. Clean, comfortable beds, but not a whole lot more. No Shampoo, hair dryers etc and towels that were, well, rather spare.

The good news however is that you get to meet lots of other animal people. Always a plus for me.

We met a guy who was traveling with two hunting dogs, blue tick hounds, I think, and two falcons! He had two big mesh cages which allowed the birds some freedom to exercise and fly a bit. The birds were really spectacular and then guy (whose name is lost to me now) was very interesting. He told us about predator birds and explained that he always stays at this Motel 6 because he has come to know the management who now know that he and his zoo will not be any trouble.

We, also, met Lucy from Bisbee, AZ (one of my favorite places) who was traveling with Travis. Travis is a beautiful red/golden retriever. Like the vast majority of these dogs, he was very friendly and most happy to accept all the attention and affection he could squeeze out of the group of us. He, also, loved playing with Reba, they had a great time.

We all stood out in the parking lot, grassy area for quite a long time. Lucy even extended an invitation to visit her and her husband when we are in Bisbee next.

I keep being reminded that this country is full of nice people and sometimes we are just too busy or distracted to notice.

More later. Mike

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