Wednesday, October 14, 2009


As a Vietnam veteran it has long been my desire to visit and honor as many memorial sites as I can. Now, in retirement, I have the time to to make my dream a reality. The process has caused me to realize that we are not alone, as we have often feared. Uncounted numbers of people, friends, families, and complete strangers, have welcomed us home by building or visiting these memorials. I will continue my journey of exploration and, to some degree, reconciliation and present the results here for all to visit, too. So, please come along and "Welcome home" brothers and sisters.


  1. Congratulations, Michael! What a wonderful unveiling for your noteworthy project. And such a significant gift to share with our Sean. Will be following you as you walk this path.


  2. Michael,

    I am so humbled by what you are doing. As you've said, this has taken on a life of its own. And well it should. So much needs to be said and shared. So much healing needs to happen. God Bless you as you continue to let yourself and your experiences be used as a vessel as people reach out through your website to each other and within themselves.
    Pam Kelley

  3. Mike,

    I would like to thank-you (and Steve) for doing this documentary. Good luck on getting to all 50 states. It is quite amnazing how many Vietnam Memorials there are throughout the country and how different they are - had no idea. The article about your Project in the Washington Post today, May 31, 2010, is a real tribute to your good work so far.

    Geoffrey Vaughan

  4. Hi
    I just read your March 2012 post regarding Alpharetta Ga.
    I am the person who attempted to give you directions from the Alpharetta City Hall, one dark rainy night. Apparently, I sent you in the wrong direction, but I see you did find the memorial, on a nice sunny day.
    You gave me your card and said to check your site and that it "might be a while" before you got around to mentioning our small town.
    It was nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by. Your site is wonderful
    Kelly Farlow