Monday, September 26, 2011

New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Vietnam memorial sits in a lovely grove of trees just as you enter the state Veteran's cemetery. Located in Boscawen (110 Danial Webster Highway) this unusual site not only boasts the Nam memorial, but a number of others as well. As you walk through the cathedral-like grove on the brick paths you will find dedications from Vietnam Veteran's of America, Rolling Thunder and the Nam Knights. In addition there are POW, Air Force and Navy sites, something one does not often see.

New Hampshire gave, depending on whom you listen to, 226, 227, or 238 of her sons to the efforts in Nam. Regardless of the actual number, they are remembered and honored here along with veterans, of other wars, in other times, throughout the cemetery.

As you enter the cemetery you proceed down this flag lined road. The Nam memorial is to your right and from there you enter the grove with all of its monuments.

The writing on the bench, to the left of the insignia, at the Nam Knights site says that they are a military and law enforcement motorcycle club. Note that the dragon is holding a Vietnam Service Ribbon in his front paws!

This is another one of those visits that is going to take more than one posting to due justice. So, for now I will simply include these initial photos and over the next couple of posts (every 5 days) fill in the rest from this remarkable and dignified tribute. Check back because there is a story here about a daily tribute that you may find very interesting. So far it is unique on my journey!

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